The Helmerich Center for American Research

The Helmerich Center for American Research, located adjacent to Gilcrease Museum, will house the Gilcrease Library and Archive containing nearly 100,000 rare books, documents, maps, and unpublished works. The collection includes a vast archive of printed documents, dating back to the time of Columbus, that detail Spanish arrival in the New World, as well as documents that tell the stories of the New England colonies, Westward expansion and the experiences of America's native peoples. The center will enhance scholarship opportunities relating to Gilcrease Museum and its collection.

The center is currently closed, but will reopen in early 2015. An inaugural symposium is slated for March 2015.

When the Helmerich Center reopens in the spring of 2015, visiting faculty, students and scholars from around the world will visit the 25,000 square-foot-facility to conduct research on the museum’s archival material.

Duane H. King, Ph.D., is the director of the Helmerich Center for American Research.