The Gardens at Gilcrease

Nature lovers and those who admire outdoor sculpture will truly enjoy The Gardens at Gilcrease. This is a photographic journey that winds through seven themed gardens on 23 acres immediately surrounding the museum. Stop along the way to gaze at some magnificent bronze sculptures. See Allan Houser's Sacred Rain Arrow, Denny Haskew's Strength of the Maker, Doug Hyde's charming Crucita, Jim Agius' huge growling Plains Grizzly, and Jay O'Meilia's tough Frontier Woman, as well as many other wildlife sculptures.

The journey starts at the entrance of Gilcrease Museum with breathtaking pink, white and deep fuchsia azaleas in full bloom. Stroll along Senators' Walk, see the Garland Kilmer Colonial Garden and gain an idea of what early colonists planted, and take in the Friendship Garden with its grove of Austrian pines intermingled with blooming dogwoods and native Oklahoma redbuds. The Patricia Wheeler Rock Garden has large boulders terraced on a steep hillside, creating natural crevices for plants - a plethora of textures and hues. Other gardens include the Rosemary Titus Reynolds Victorian Garden with its stunning wisteria and classic hand-wrought ironwork, Stuart Park with its ponds and gazebo, the Pioneer Garden, the Pre-Columbian Garden, and the Gannaway Vista Garden.

These gardens have been plotted within the museum's vast 475 acres nestled in the Osage Hills. It's an enjoyable and educational experience inspired by nature's pure beauty.

Gilcrease Museum also offers free public or group tours for those nature lovers who would like to visit the gardens in person.